How can I add a Facebook page to my Iconosquare account?

Refer to this article if you're in doubt as to how to add a Facebook page to your Iconosquare account. Add it now in order to access Facebook analytics and to schedule posts on your Facebook page!


IMPORTANT: You need to be an ADMIN/EDITOR (classic Facebook pages experience) or have all rights (new Facebook pages experience) to the page you want to add in order to connect it to your Iconosquare profile. Learn more about this here!


Follow these steps:

  • Go on the Social profiles page and click on the blue button at the top right of the page to add a social profile.
  • You'll then see this pop-up - please click on Facebook page:


  • You will then see another pop-up asking you to check that you are admin of the Facebook page you want to add and to invite you to log in with the right Facebook Profile


  • Next, you will be taken to the Facebook login screen (this is the same whether you wish to add an Instagram business profile or Facebook page). Please enter your Facebook login credentials.
  • If it is the first time that you login through your Facebook personal profile, you will be asked to give Iconosquare some permissions. Just make sure to give ALL permissions (do not customize them) so that you can access all Iconosquare features that are included with your plan.
  • Once you have given the permissions, you will be redirected to Iconosquare and will be shown a list of Instagram profiles and/or Facebook pages of which you are an Admin or Editor of (you will only be able to add social profiles which you have Admin/Editor or full rights for).


  • Please select the tick box next to the social profiles(s) which you wish to add to your Iconosquare account, click "Confirm", and that's it! You have now added your social profile to Iconosquare!


Note, if you have recently been made an Admin/Editor or just got full rights for the social profile, you may not be able to find it immediately - please wait and try again after 24 hours.


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