My Iconosquare account has been logged out from Instagram. What does it mean?

Once you grant us access to your Instagram (through your Facebook profile), Facebook gives us an access token to your Instagram business profile.

Sometimes this token expires for no specific reason, which causes us to become disconnected from your Instagram. When you're logged out, you need to re-authenticate your account so we can continue to calculate your data.


To re-authenticate, you need to:

  • go on this page:
  • click on "Re-authenticate profile"
  • enter your Facebook login credentials (as we connect to your Instagram business profile via the Facebook account which has Admin rights for the Facebook page linked to that Instagram business profile)


If this doesn't work the first time around, please make sure you're logged into the correct Facebook account in your browser (you may be logged into Facebook already but with the wrong account).

If you're still unable to re-authenticate, please follow the steps in this article to resolve this!

Please note that the following data will be inaccurate for the period that your Iconosquare account was disconnected from Instagram:

Follower growth

Engagement Rate

Engagement on Reach


We will also be unable to recover data for any Stories posted during the period of disconnection, as these are only stored on the API for 24 hours.
In addition, any hashtags you are tracking on Iconosquare will not be monitored during the period of disconnection but will start being tracked again upon reconnection.