How can I add a TikTok Profile to my Iconosquare account?

Here's how to add a TikTok profile to your Iconosquare account. Please keep in mind that your profile can only be added if it is a public one and has at least one video. 


1. Click on the blue 'plus' icon in the top right-hand corner of your account:


2. You'll then see this pop-up - please click on "TikTok profiles":


3. Next, you'll be redirected to the login page. Choose your login option. 


4. When you see this screen, make sure to click Authorize:



How can I add more than one TikTok profile?

​In order to add more than one TikTok profile to your Iconosquare account, you will first need to head to and log out from the current account. You can then follow the previous steps again while logging into the other profile you wanna start monitoring. 


Will I get historical data on my TikTok videos?

Yes! However, we are able to gather your TikTok data up to one year prior to the connection of it on your Iconosquare profile. 


Can I create reports for my TikTok profiles?

Yes! You can create your TikTok profile reports and even schedule them. Talk about working smart and not hard 😉. 


Can I see promoted post analytics?

We are able to gather your promoted post analytics, however, these are merged with your organic data since this is how the TikTok API shares the information with third parties. Changes are to come so stay tuned!


Want to learn about the analytics we offer for your TikTok profile? Head to this article here.