Why doesn't the profile I want to cross-post to appear as an option?

In this article, we'll explain why some profiles don't always appear on the list of options for cross-posting. There are several reasons... let's dig into how to solve this.

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Your profile is either inactive or has not been added to your platform yet

You can have a look at the list of social profiles you have added to your account by heading here. You will see a green checkmark with a "Connected" icon next to all of the social profiles that are currently active and a "Deactivated" along with a trash bin icon if the social profile is inactive. If you are trying to cross-post to a profile that is deactivated, you'll need to activate it.




If you can't see the profile on the list of social profiles, it is possible that it has not been added to your account yet. If you are a Manager or Team Member of the Iconosquare account, it is also possible that the Admin has not granted you access to this social profile so please verify with them.


Keep in mind that if you are a manager or a team member of the Iconosquare account and have no more social profile slots available to activate or add the profile (only Admins and Managers can add profiles), you will need to ask the Admin to purchase more social profiles slots through their Iconosquare access. 


Your social profile is currently disconnected and needs to be re-authenticated

You might have noticed a red notification on your account at the top of the page and an exclamation mark next to some of your social profiles which means they need to be re-authenticated.




In order to re-connect these, you can head to the social profiles section and click on Re-authenticate next to any of those that are disconnected. 




Having trouble re-authenticating your profiles and need some assistance? Have a look at this article for Instagram profiles and this article for Facebook pages. 


We might be missing permission to publish on your behalf

It is possible that the permission for Iconosquare to publish on your social profiles has not been granted yet. Follow the instructions below to make sure this has been unlocked to be able to cross-post. 


How to grant us permission for Instagram and Facebook profiles

You can easily grant us permission to publish on your Facebook page and Instagram profiles by heading to the Data Access section and clicking on the Unlock button next to the "Automatic publishing" permission under your connected Facebook account. 




If you have not been the one to connect these social profiles and have no Admin or Editor role on the Facebook pages and those linked to the Instagram profiles, please ask the Admin of your Iconosquare account to follow the steps above. 


Grant us permission for Twitter profiles

In order to check whether you have already granted us permission to publish on your Twitter profile, you can head to the Twitter scheduling section and click on the Allow button in the pop-in as shown below:


Don't forget to save your post before you head to the Twitter scheduler to give us permission; we wouldn't want you to lose all of your hard work 🥲.  


Grant us permission for LinkedIn pages

It's possible that this permission was not accepted at the moment of connecting your social profile to the platform. In this case, you will need to remove the LinkedIn page from your account entirely and add it again making sure the publishing permission is unlocked at the time of re-addition. 


To remove the social profile:

  • Head to the Social profiles section
  • Deactivate the LinkedIn page by clicking the blue toggle button on the left-hand side.
  • You will then be able to see a trash bin icon on the right-hand side of the now deactivated profile which you can click to delete it.

To re-add the social profile:

  • Proceed to click on Add social profile(s) at the top right-hand side of your Social profiles page
  • Select the type of profile you want to re-add.
  • Accept all of the permissions (Do not customize anything!).
  • And voilà!


The specs of your media are not supported by the profile type you want to cross-post to

If you are trying to cross-post and you do not see your profile listed, it might mean that your media or one of them do not meet the supported requirements for the social profile type you are trying to cross-post to.


Please have a look at this article to make sure that all of your media meet the specs for all of the social profile types you are trying to cross-post to. Keep in mind that if you are scheduling a Carousel, all of the images and videos you are using must meet the requirements - if one of these does not, your social profile will not be listed. 


Finally, if you want to cross-post to TikTok, please note that Iconosquare does not support TikTok publishing yet and that's the reason why you won't see your profile listed under the crosspost option.


If you still have questions about this, don't hesitate to contact our friendly Customer Support Specialists 😉!