Why convert to an Instagram Business Profile?

Here's the no. 1 biggest reason to convert your Meta profiles: Iconosquare is entirely restricted to Business Profiles. So if you have a personal account that you'd like to convert to a Business Profile so that you can add it to Iconosquare, you can learn how to do that here!


There are millions of Business Profiles on Instagram, and the number is only getting bigger. Is it time for you to convert to an Instagram Business Profile? The answer is yes! Here are some more reasons why:


1. You get access to Instagram Business Insights on Iconosquare 

This applies both on Instagram and on Iconosquare. On IG you'll be able to see Reach, Impressions, follower demographics, and more. On Iconosquare you'll get these analytics too, with the added benefit of being able to export them, along with detailed insights about your Stories and Profile Activity. With these insights, you’ll be able to see how your content on Instagram is performing and figure out exactly what your audience wants to see. 


2. You'll have access to our auto-posting feature

Only Instagram Business Profiles can benefit from Iconosquare and our auto-posting feature, which allows you to schedule single image media and videos as normal through our Scheduler and choose whether you would like them to be automatically posted to Instagram - no more notifications! Learn more about auto-posting here.


3. Other Instagram benefits like:

  • The ability to advertise on Instagram.
  • The option to add your contact details (call, email, directions) as buttons to your profile so your customers can contact you directly from within the Instagram app.


Handy article on how to convert your Instagram profile:

How to convert your Instagram account to an Instagram Business Profile