What's included in the Hashtag Tracking section?

Our Hashtag Tracking tool will allow you to track a number of hashtags depending on your plan. That's 1 per social profile on the PRO plan, 5 per social profile on the ADVANCED plan, and 10 per social profile on the AGENCY or ENTERPRISE plan! 


You'll find the following data in the Hashtag Tracker (data covering the last 30 days):

  • The number of media (photos, videos & Carousels) posted
  • The frequency of posts on that hashtag
  • The top 10 media on this hashtag
  • The breakdown of posts on this hashtag by media type
  • The total likes, total comments, average of likes, and average of comments received from this hashtag
  • The likes and comments history of this hashtag


You can track your own branded hashtag, the hashtag of an event you're running, a competitor's hashtag, or a hashtag you might be thinking of incorporating into your strategy to see how well it's performing!


Note: Data available in this section reflects the last 30 days, and tracking starts when you add your hashtag to the tracker. To ensure you keep a record of your hashtag data, we recommend setting up automated hashtag reports - learn how to do this here!


Looking for more information?

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