How can I add a hashtag on the Hashtag Tracker?

In order to add a hashtag on the Hashtag Tracker, you need to:

  • Click on Listening on your left side menu
  • Click on the Hashtags section
  • Click on "Overview"
  • Click on the blue "+" button next to the Hashtags overview title



  • Enter your hashtag 
  • Select it from the dropdown and press enter


  • Data available in this section reflects the last 30 days, and tracking starts when you add your hashtag to the tracker (there is no historic data available). To ensure you keep a record of your hashtag data, we recommend setting up automated hashtag reports - learn how to do this here!
  • Please note it takes approximately up to 24 hours to provide the first set of results, as Instagram needs to create a 'hashtag profile' for your chosen hashtag before we can start pulling your data from the API!