What is included in the Facebook Page Performance section?

Here's what's included in the Page Performance section!

(Please note that the historical data is available from 3 months before you subscribed your Facebook Page on Iconosquare, and that these charts are updated once a day).

Page views history: Daily number of page views, split between views from people logged into Facebook and views from people not logged in.

Gained and lost Fans (Page Likes): Number of fans you've gained and lost each day 

Tab views: Daily number of total views of your Facebook page tabs.

Top tabs: Distribution of the tab views by tab.

Page CTA clicks history: Daily number of clicks on your page call-to-actions.

Page CTA clicks distribution: Distribution of the clicks on your page call-to-actions.

All the data is available as a chart or a graph and is exportable!

If you want to export your Page Performance data, here is how to.