What are the different roles in the Users and Roles section?

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The Admin alone can control billing information and payment. This means that they are the only ones that have access to the Payment Information and Invoices section - Managers and Team Members can't see these sections. Only they can upgrade the plan, purchase social profile, user, competitor, and hashtag slots as well as extra feeds.


There is only one Admin per account. If you wish to transfer your Admin rights to another member of your team, find out how you can do this here! The Admin is also the only one who receives bad token emails (when your Instagram account is logged out of Iconosquare). 


Managers can add social profiles (if there are empty slots available on the subscription), or remove social profiles (only profiles to which they have been granted access). They can add/remove hashtags and competitors, feeds, and they have access to whichever social profiles have been allocated to them by the Admin. They do not have access to the Invoice or Payment section.


With regard to social profiles...

If there are empty social profile slots available, the manager can add one without issue (unless the Admin has already added that profile and has not given access to the Manager). If there are no empty social profile slots available, they will have to ask the Admin to purchase additional social profile slots in the Add-ons section. Send this article to your account Admin for more information! 


Users, hashtags, competitors & feeds

Managers will not have the option to purchase any more users, competitors, hashtags, or feeds if the slots are full. However, they can freely remove social profiles, users, competitors & hashtags, and feeds that have been added.


When inviting other users, managers can designate them to be fellow managers, or team members (if there are user slots available on the account). In both cases, they can select which profile(s) the fellow user can access.


Managers can generate exports and schedule reports.

Team members 

Team members can use any of the remaining features and can view all analytics for the social profiles/competitors/hashtags/feeds that are set up for them. They can edit the hashtags/users in their Feeds. They cannot create or delete the Feeds themselves.


Team members can also generate exports and schedule reports on demand.