The data in my XLS/CSV export is all jumbled up. How can I get it into separate cells?

Sometimes (especially if you are located in the US) when you make an XLS/CSV export from Iconosquare into Excel, the data gets scrambled due to regional settings within Excel.

The issue comes from the use of semicolons or commas to define the column separators in Microsoft Excel.

If you're experiencing this problem, you can change the CSV export setting from within your Iconosquare account settings.

Just head to Platform options, scroll down to "Export CSV delimiter", and you can change from semicolon to comma here (or vice versa)!



You can also follow the steps below directly in Excel, in order to make the mixed-up data appear in separate cells, if you need to:

  • Right click on your file
  • Choose "Open With EXCEL"
  • Once your file is opened, click on Column A and select the whole column at once
  • Click on the "DATA" tab in the menu
  • Select "Text to Columns"
  • Click on "Delimited" and "NEXT"
  • Select the ";"(semicolon) under delimiter options and "NEXT"
  • Click "FINISH"