Reels analytics are now on Iconosquare 🎉!

We know Instagram Reels analytics are an important part of your social media strategy and we have been working hard on developing the analytics you deserve! In this article, you will find some important information about your most frequently asked questions. 

In this article:


What data will be included in individual Reels analytics?

We will display your Reels likes, comments, plays, reach, saves, shares, and total interactions; from these, we will be able to calculate your Engagement rate, Engagement on reach, Reach rate, Likes on reach, Comments on reach, Saves on reach, and Shares on reach.

As with your other post types, you will also be able to see a graph with the number of likes every 30 minutes for the span of 24 hours. 


Although we will be showing you most of the same KPIs as for your other post types, we have also included new metrics that we know will be useful for your reporting. However, Impressions are not part of the data third parties are sent through the API so until Instagram adds them, we will not be able to show these on your individual Reels analytics. 


Are Videos counted as Reels after the change on the Instagram platform?

We have decided to continue to differentiate between those videos you publish selecting Video as the post type and the posts you publish as Reels even though all video posts are shown as Reels on the Instagram platform; this is because these two post types have different metrics. 


Will I be able to see my Reels' historical data?

Absolutely! We know that Reels have been around for a while and we know how important their data is so we will be showing your analytics on a historical basis. 


Please keep in mind that if you are a current user of the platform, your historical data will take at least 7 days to appear on your platform. We will be able to show you the last 7 days 1 hour after the launch of the feature, the last 30 days after 12 hours of the launch of the feature, and finally, the full history after 7 days. 


Will I get the promoted analytics?

Yes 😄! If you are on our ADVANCED or ENTERPRISE plans, you will be able to see your promoted Reels analytics. As with the rest of your individual posts, we will show you a split between the organic and paid data.

Watch out for the $ icon in the corner of your Reels to identify those that have been promoted. 


My plays are showing N/A. What does this mean?

It might take some time for the plays to appear on your individual Reels analytics so while we retrieve this data, you will see N/A as the result. No worries though, once we have received the plays for your Reel, the KPI will be updated to reflect the correct result.


Reels data on Iconosquare does not match that on the native Instagram app.

You might have noticed that some of the metrics we are showing on the platform do not reflect the results you can see through your Instagram insights. Reels data has just recently been launched on the API and therefore, Instagram is still working on sending over accurate analytics to third parties. For now, we will be displaying the metrics exactly as they are being sent through the API. We also suggest that you allow at least 24 hours for the analytics to fully come through to us. 


If you see a difference between the Plays you can see on Iconosquare and those on the native Instagram app, please keep in mind that while Instagram only shows organic plays, we show both paid and organic Plays data. 


The preview on some of my Reels is not displaying. What can I do?

The Instagram API will not share Reels previews with any third party when these include any music that is not free from rights. As soon as Instagram changes this rule, we will be happy to show you all of their previews on the platform.


Can we now schedule Reels as auto-posts?

The team is still working on developing this feature so keep an eye on it 😉. For now, you can schedule your Reels as manual posts. More about how to do this on this article.


Will my already published Reels now appear on the Feed view in the scheduler?

You will now be able to see your Feed as it is shown in the native Instagram app. Please keep in mind that we will only be able to show you those Reels which you have chosen to stay on your main feed and not those in the Reels tab on your profile.



Please keep in mind that this feature is currently only available on our platform.