Reach and Impressions are not included in my report :(

Unfortunately, it's not possible to include Reach & Impressions in the daily reports for some time zones. This is due to the way that we get Instagram Insights data from the Facebook API, which is sent to us daily in one daily batch, and which is not ready for some time zones by the time that we send out our daily reports.

Here is how to pull a new report which will include the Reach and Impressions:

  • Log in to
  • Navigate to your Exports&Reports section (HERE)
  • Click "Create new export"
  • Select "last calendar day", "last calendar week" or "last calendar month"
  • Ensure you select "Send report by Email" (YES)
  • Under Schedule - click NO (as you already have one scheduled)
  • Edit your recipients if you'd like
  • Click "Create Report"

We will send you a fresh copy of your report and export right to your inbox! (We are working on a better way to deliver reports for users who are in affected time zones, but for now, this is the only workaround for this issue.)