I've changed my Facebook password, what should I do?

If you've got a Role on a Facebook Business Page and you've changed your personal Facebook password, this will require you to Refresh Access on Iconosquare so we can continue to collect your data. You can do this in the Social Profiles section by clicking on the Data access tab, and clicking on "Refresh access".



You'll then be redirected to the secure Facebook login screen where you can log in with your new password. You'll then be taken back to Iconosquare. All done! 


Note: This action can only be performed by an Admin or Manager of the Iconosquare account. 


If you don't follow these steps after changing your Facebook password, your social profiles will become disconnected from Iconosquare within a few hours of the password change, you will see a message asking you to reconnect. Simply click "Reconnect now", enter your Facebook credentials, and your social profiles will then become connected to Iconosquare again: