How can I schedule a Tweet for my Twitter profile?

Find out how to schedule an automatic Twitter post using Iconosquare!


How to schedule a Tweet (Text only, Images, or Video/GIF)

  • Head to the Scheduler page of your Iconosquare account.
  • Click "New post" at the top right of the page.
  • Select the type of Tweet you'd like to schedule (Text only, Images, or Video/GIF).
  • Upload your media or select from your Media Library.
  • Add the text for your Tweet, a location, and select your posting date and time. 
  • Choose if you want to cross-post to other social profiles (you'll be able to select the profiles by clicking "Next").
  • Click "Schedule"!
  • Your Tweet should now show on the Scheduler calendar with a green dot, signifying that it's scheduled, and a yellow lightning bolt, signifying that it's ready to be auto-posted!


If you have auto-posting security enabled, you will need to validate your post via the Iconosquare mobile app. Please ensure your mobile app is updated to the latest version and that you are logged in using your Iconosquare account login details.



How to schedule a Tweet using Time Slots

If you'd like to speed up the scheduling process, we'd recommend setting up some recurring time slots, using your best times to post, or your usual preferred posting times.

  • Head to the Scheduler and click on the "Time Slots" tab.
  • Click to add a time slot, and select whether you'd like it to recur daily or weekly.
  • Once you've set up your time slots, go back to the Calendar tab, click to drag and drop media from the Media Library on the right of the page, and drop it into the blue box that appears. That media will then be assigned to the next available time slot.
  • Click on the post (it will show an orange dot as it will saved as a draft), and then click "Schedule" to make sure it's scheduled.

Image specifications

Supported image media types: JPG, PNG, GIF, WEBP

Maximum file size: 5 MB

For multi-image posts, you can schedule up to 4 images at a time.

GIF specifications (animated)

Maximum file size: 15 MB

Maximum resolution: 1280 x 1080 (width x height)

Maximum number of frames: 350

Maximum number of pixels: 300 million

Video specifications

Maximum file size: 512 MB

Maximum frame rate: 60 FPS

Dimensions: Between 32 x 32 and 1280 x 1024

Duration: Between 0.5 and 140 seconds

Aspect ratio: Between 1:3 and 3:1


Using links in your Tweet caption

If you include a link in your Tweet caption, you should be able to see a link preview. Please note, if the link preview is blank, this means there is an issue with the metadata on the website that the link relates to, and we're unfortunately unable to provide a preview of the link. Please refer to this Twitter article for information on the meta tags you need to add to your website in order for that link to show a preview.


Can I schedule a Tweet from the Iconosquare mobile app?

It's now possible to schedule Twitter posts via the iOS app! The same functionality will be available on the Android app very soon.