How can I manage reports for all of my social profiles?

You can manage all of your reports and scheduled exports across all of your social profiles (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) in one place, using the Reports section!

Scheduled exports and reports

Here, you'll find a summary of all scheduled exports across all of your social profiles (Instagram profiles, Facebook pages, and Twitter profiles).

Filter by:

  • social profile
  • report type (daily, weekly, monthly quarterly, yearly, hashtag, competitor etc.)

If you want to set up your reports from scratch, click the bin icon to delete all scheduled exports:

Create new report

If you want to set up a new report, click on the blue button near the top right of the page, then choose which type of report you'd like to create (Account report, Hashtag report, Competitor report, or Dashboard report (ADVANCED and AGENCY/ENTERPRISE customers only).

If you'd like more information on setting up each of these types of reports, check out the links below!

Account reports

Hashtag reports

Competitor reports

Dashboard reports

Exports and reports history

Scroll down to "Exports and reports history" to access all previously generated exports, again with the option to filter between different social profiles and different types of export.

You can click on the export button on each individual line to download/redownload individual exports, or click on the blue download icon at the top if you want to export all listed exports in one go!