How can I create an album for my media?

Albums are a great way to view analytics for posts you have published using a specific hashtag!

In order to create an album for your media, just head to Content -> Albums.

Once on My Albums, simply click on "Create an Album" in the middle of the page.​ You then have two options:

  • Manual album - manually select which of your posts you want to be added to the album:

  • Automatic album - set criteria for the album and it will auto-populate with your posts matching those criteria:

The criteria you can set for automatic albums are as follows:


It's possible to choose multiple hashtags for your album. The album will then show only media you've posted using those hashtags.


You can also choose multiple labels for your album, then any media which you have assigned that label to will populate in the album.


You will need to select a starting date and an ending date so that our system can retrieve your posted media from within the date range you have selected.

Type of Media

You can choose to create an album containing all types of media, or any combination of photos, carousels and videos.


Once the album has been created, you will then be able to view analytics for the media included in the album. This is a great way for you to see how a hashtag you are using is performing!