Easily create your captions with AI!

If you’re out of inspiration for your captions, save time and try our new AI captions feature!


Start creating your post in the Publishing section as usual, and when it’s time to write your caption, click on the button “Try AI captions” above the caption field. 



You can then enter the criteria for your caption, including: 

  • the general subject of your post. You can enter several sentences here the more detailed the subject is, the more accurate the captions will be.
  • the name of your brand
  • your industry
  • the language you would like your caption to be in
  • the number of characters



Based on this criteria, Iconosquare will generate 3 suggestions of captions. Magical, isn’t it? 

You can either save them to your saved captions, or easily insert one of them into your post, in one click! 







If you’re not satisfied, you can easily generate 3 new captions based on the same criteria. 




Hope this feature will help you save time and increase your social media engagement.