Discover the Iconosquare dashboard!

With dashboards, you can quickly evaluate your performance based on the metrics that matter to you the most - for all your social profiles at the same time !




Build a dashboard of the insights you find most valuable, specific to each of the social profiles you manage - perfect if you’re managing multiple profiles or brands.

Click on the dashboard icon in the main menu and start building 🛠

  1. Select the date range you’d like to display data for
  2. Select a social profile for which you want to display data
  3. Drag and drop the graphs and KPIs you’d like displayed from within each section to the dashboard. You can drag and drop the graphs once they’re in the dashboard to re-order the graphs also.
  4. Click the blue save button in the bottom of your screen!

The dashboard is available for users on Advanced and Enterprise / Agency plans only.

For more information, see here.