Can I replace a competitor or a hashtag by another one?

You can replace a competitor by deleting the old one and selecting a new one. Go to the Competitors overview and click on the cross over a competitor (next to page the title) to delete it.


You will then have to confirm that you want to delete this competitor.


Finally, click on the “+” button to search and add a new competitor.



How to replace a Hashtag?

You can replace a Hashtag by deleting an old one and then add a new one.

Two ways to delete an existing Hashtag:

  • Click on the “+” button next to the title of the Hashtags page and remove one of the old one you don’t want anymore.


  • Click on one of the Hashtag in the comparative table and then click on the trashcan next to the title


  • Then you can add a new Hashtag by clicking on the “+” next to the title of the Hashtags page.