Albums of Stories? Now available on Instagram!

Do you have Instagram profiles that contain stories? You can now use albums with this type of content to organize your statistics campaigns or gather your Instagram stories related to an event!

How to create story albums?

Exactly like any other type of content! You can do it either from the album page or directly from a post:

Create story albums from the Iconosquare Album page:

  1. Go to the Albums page


  2. Click on the “+ Create new album” button (top right corner of the screen).

  3. Enter the name of your album and select whether you want to create a manual story album (where you choose your content manually) or an automatic one (where your content will be automatically added to your album according to some criteria that you set: type of stories, labels and period).


  4. Select “Stories” for a story album, then select your content manually if you’re creating a manual album, or indicate your criteria for automatic post selection for an automatic album.
    Note that you can use filters to find your stories more easily if you’re creating a manual album.



  5. Click on the create album button and find your content gathered in this album and your statistics related to this specific content.


Create and add a story to an album, directly from the story

It is also possible to add a story to an existing album or to a new album created on the fly very simply from the story itself. For this:

  • When you hover over a story in the content section, story tab, you can see two options:

    • Adding a label (which allows you to compile stories into an album)

    • Adding the story to an album.


  • When you click on the story, you open a window in which the Albums and Labels part allows you, by clicking on the + buttons, to add the story to one or more albums or associate it with one or more labels.