LinkedIn Analytics on Iconosquare – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access historic data for my LinkedIn page?

Yes! The only data we can't provide a history for is your follower growth data - find out more about this here!


Why can't I add my LinkedIn page to Iconosquare?

You must be a Super Admin of your page in order to be able to add it to Iconosquare. Please carefully go through the steps in this article for specific help with adding your LinkedIn page to Iconosquare.


Can I add my personal LinkedIn profile to Iconosquare?

No. LinkedIn analytics on Iconosquare relate to LinkedIn pages only, not personal profiles. Whilst you will need to log in using your personal LinkedIn account credentials, this just provides us with access to the LinkedIn pages you have admin access to. We're unable to provide you with data relating to your personal LinkedIn profile.


Does Iconosquare provide Ads analytics for my LinkedIn page?

No, currently the data we provide on Iconosquare is organic only, we don't provide data relating to Ads.

  Can I see a breakdown of the different types of reactions I've received on my LinkedIn posts?

Currently, on Iconosquare, all different types of reactions (including Like, Celebrate, Support, Love, Insightful, Curious) are counted as "Likes". It's not possible to see a breakdown of these different reactions.


Can I see the reach data for one of my LinkedIn posts?

The LinkedIn API does not provide individual post reach data, therefore we are only able to provide individual post impressions data. You will be able to see a combined total of your post reach for any given date period on the Reach page though.


Why is the number of reactions different from what I'm seeing on LinkedIn native data ?

The LinkedIn API does not provide us reactions and comments made by Companies pages.