Why are the colors/quality different between the pictures I published with the Scheduler and my original files?

If the colors in your Instagram post seem a little 'off', this issue is caused by the color profiles of your media.

The Instagram API (which we use for publishing your media) supports the sRGB color space. Images that use other color spaces will have their color space converted to sRGB.

If you want to convert an existing file to sRGB, you need to:

  • Open your design in Photoshop
  • Go to Edit and click Convert to Profile
  • Click on the destination space drop down box
  • Select the sRGB option
  • Click OK
  • Save your design

If there is a quality issue, for example if the posted image seems less 'crisp' than the original, this is probably because your post is saved for a 'Print' usage (300 DPI). 

When we save the file in our server, it is not "a simple copy" of the file and the file size can increase, reducing quality.

To avoid this issue, you can save your image 'for the web' in photoshop. This way the file will be in 72 DPI, and the resolution and quality will be not impacted for an usage on the web.