Welcome to the new Iconosquare platform! - Beta

The time has come and we are ecstatic to announce that the new and improved Iconosquare is here 🥳! The team has been working on bringing you a faster, sleeker, and renewed platform while making sure that our famous user-friendly interface only got easier. You will find that some features have changed place and some stayed put but what they all have in common is their fresh new look. 

If you are wondering about your favorite features... no worries! Most of them made it to the new platform. Curious to know what's changed? Let's dive in 😉. 


Where can I find my social profiles?

You could access your social profiles on the upper right-hand corner of the old platform but now, they have been moved to the right-hand side. You can still use the + sign to add more social profiles as you did before. 


You can also access them by heading to your profile in the lower left-hand corner and then clicking on Social profiles where you will see the full list of social profiles connected and active on your account. Notice that the Data access tab has now moved to the right instead of the top of the page.



What has changed on the scheduler?

The Preview feature is now the Feed View

We have simplified the process of moving your already scheduled posts around to give your feed the look you want. If you move a scheduled post, this will no longer change to draft so you won't have to worry about forgetting to schedule it again. Validating these changes is not necessary anymore.


Other things to note

Conversations section

There are small changes in this section. You have asked for them and we heard you! Your comments will no longer disappear and they don't need to be manually set to read since this is automatically done after a certain period of time once they have been displayed. 


Listening section

The Advanced Media Search has made its way out. This is because there were too many limitations for you while using this feature due to those imposed by the Hashtag API. We are confident that this decision will make your overall experience more enjoyable; who likes limitations anyway 🤷🏽‍♀️



We have decided to say goodbye to the Instagram feed widget so you will not find this option on our new platform. 


Purchasing add-ons

When you purchase an add-on such as hashtags, competitors slots, or additional feeds, you will now be getting the purchased number of add-ons on all of your social profiles instead of a single one for a single social profile. 

For example:

If you are currently monitoring 3 social profiles and purchase an additional competitor slot, you will be getting an additional competitor slot on the 3 social profiles.