Product Update: March 2020

📊 Updates to the Dashboard section

Each Dashboard you create is now unique to your Iconosquare account and won’t be automatically duplicated to your team members accounts.

Click the options button next to Create report button, then click Duplicate to duplicate your dashboard so you can easily share with other social profiles in your account or with your team members!




Note: Custom dashboards are only available for users on an Advanced or Entreprise plan. If you're interested in this + more great features check out these plans here.


📤 Edit recipients for existing Reports

Now you can add or remove recipients for existing reports you’ve got set up in the Reports section without having to completely re-schedule them! Click the little pencil icon on the right of any report to edit.




🖼️ Date picker and download button on Posts page

We know how painful it was trying to find content from a specific time period previously so we’ve added a date picker to the Posts page so you can easily see your content. You can also download this content!



💥Update to the design of the Best Time to Post chart for Facebook

The Best Time to Post chart now looks the same for Facebook profiles as it does for Instagram profiles - much easier to read so you can post your content at the best time for max engagement 💪