New features available for our PRO Plan subscribers!


We’re thrilled to announce that we're opening up some of our most powerful features to our Pro plan subscribers! 💫

Here is the list of features that are now unlocked for you:


Custom Dashboards

Access all the data you need, for multiple social profiles, in one place.

Build a custom view with the KPIs and graphs that you’re most interested in, add notes and images to add personality to your Dashboard, then schedule your Dashboard to be exported as a PDF or XLS report so that it lands in your inbox (or your client’s inbox) on a regular basis. Get ready to set your social media reporting to auto-pilot!

More information on the Custom Dashboards here.

PDF reports

You now have the option of scheduling and exporting your reports in PDF format, for a visually appealing summary of your performance that’s easy to digest at a glance.

More information on PDF Reports here.

Collaboration feature

Whether you’re working as part of a team, or with clients, you can now streamline your scheduling workflow and send your draft posts for approval using a secure sharing link. Get notified as soon as your clients or colleagues have approved, rejected, or left notes on your posts, allowing you to work more efficiently.

More information on the Collaboration Feature here.

Analytics for Instagram promoted posts

If you sponsor your Instagram posts, you’ll be happy to know that you can now see a breakdown between the organic and paid data on these posts, providing you with concrete data to measure the return on investment on your Instagram promotions.

More information on the Instagram Promoted Posts here.


Instagram mentions

Are you keeping track of how frequently other Instagram accounts are talking about your brand, and what they’re saying? You can be sure to never miss an important mention again, with a dedicated inbox to manage and reply to any mentions of your Instagram account, as well as detailed analytics that will allow you to understand how conversations surrounding your brand are evolving.

More information on Instagram Mentions here.