Learn more: Historical and Estimated data

Historical Instagram Data:

We start gathering your data from the moment that you add one of your profiles to Iconosquare. All the likes, comments and saves on your past media will be completely accurate, as these are pulled directly from your Instagram profile itself, but the data for Follower Growth and Engagement Rate will be estimated as we can't make API calls for your follower growth from time you didn't have an active plan. (This means that other charts based on Engagement Rate will also be estimated when showing a date range before the creation of your Iconosquare account. This includes Best Time to Post.)

We can usually pull your Reach & Impressions data from up to two years before the date you add your Instagram Business profile to Iconosquare (this could be less than two years, depending on when you converted your Instagram profile to a Business profile).

We can start tracking your Stories and Mentions data from the day you add your Instagram business profile to Iconosquare. Stories are only held in the Instagram API for 24 hours, meaning we do not have access to your historic Stories.

NOTE: We don't track your data when you don't have an active plan. If you have a 14-day free trial and then subscribe to a paid plan after 2 months, the engagement rate & follower growth data will be estimated for the interim period.


I have estimated data in the middle of my graph, why is that?

Data will be estimated for any period that your account is logged out from Instagram. For more information on this, see here