Introducing the new Scheduler!

We are really excited to finally release our new-look Scheduler including some new time-saving features!


First comment scheduling for Instagram




If you’re posting content to an Instagram profile using automatic publishing, you can now also schedule a comment to be posted directly below your post. When setting up your caption, simply scroll down, activate auto-posting and pop in your caption. You can insert saved captions or hashtag lists that you’ve created here too. This is a great way to pack in all those branded hashtags or continue your caption with more information.


Feed view with drag & drop scheduling for Instagram




Use the Preview feed to get a birds eye view of your existing content along with your upcoming scheduled posts. This is a great way to ensure that new content matches the look and feel of your feed to help with branding and consistency for your audience.

If you don’t like how a scheduled post is fitting, simply drag and drop it to re-arrange the order of your upcoming posts.


Time slots




Setting up time slots is a great way to allow quick scheduling in future. Use the insights like Best time to Post or Followers Online to identify times where your content will get the best results and set these times up as Time Slots.

These will appear in your calendar as designated spots so you can set up posts quickly by either dragging and dropping content into the slots from your Media Library or by clicking in and following the walkthrough.





Be aware that when you drag and drop media into these slots, you then need to click into them to write the caption, schedule the first comment, set up cross-posting and confirm them for posting!