Improved Facebook Analytics: What's changed?

We've added some brand new metrics to our Facebook analytics, so now you can get even more insight into how well your Facebook page and content are performing! 😄

With a whole new section devoted to video posts, which can be found under Analytics → Videos, you can view detailed analytics into your video posts, such as total views of videos which exceed 10 seconds, the total amount of time viewers spent watching your videos, and view engagement rate:


You can see a history of both 3 second and 10 second views, to see how your views are evolving on a daily basis...


...a percentage breakdown of the source of the views (whether they are paid or organic), as well as detail on the Play type (Autoplay vs. Click to play):


You can also view Top videos, sorting by either more than 3 second views, more than 10 second views, or total minutes viewed:



We hope you enjoy exploring these exciting new metrics for your Facebook page!