I keep getting an automatic publishing error!


Unfortunately there are times when Instagram returns an error to our servers on scheduled automatic-publishing posts. When this error occurs, we want to make sure you have an opportunity to get your post up! So we'll send you the above reminder right to your phone so you don't miss any important posts. 

NB: You'll need to have app version iOS 2.5.11 OR Android version 1.21.4 or later to receive this notification. 

The above notification is the same for both Android and iOS and will mean that we were unable to publish your post. You will need to follow the instructions here to complete your post manually through Instagram. (You can skip to Step 3 on that article. Don't forget to paste your caption!)


Will all my previously automatic scheduled posts need to be manually posted?

No. Unfortunately when these errors occur they are completely random. On most occasions your automatic publishing posts will go out without any issues. 

I received a notification that said my post was published, but it doesn't appear on my feed. 

If you have received a push notification that indicates that your post has been posted successfully, however, does not appear in your feed, then please e-mail our customer support: help@iconosquare.com (or click the little blue button on the bottom right of your screen to chat to one of our agents!)