How to convert your Instagram account to an Instagram Business Profile

Find an explanation on how to change your Personal Instagram profile to a Business profile.  If you have a personal Instagram profile that you'd like to convert to a Business Profile, you can learn how to do that below! It doesn't cost anything, and it means you'll be able to access really useful insights for your Instagram profile!

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How to convert your Instagram to a Business profile
  • Create A Facebook Business Page. Don’t have one? It’s free! You can follow Facebook’s instructions to set one up here. If you've already got a Facebook page and you're Admin/Editor or have full permission for it, go straight to the next step.
  • Switch your account to a Business Profile by heading to your profile and click on the three lines icon on the top right of the page Settings and privacy Account types and tools.
  • You can choose between Creator or Business 
  • Click Continue, select a category, then click Next
  • Enter your contact information if desired, or click Don't Use My Contact Info.
  • Connect your Facebook Page by selecting one of the listed pages, or if you didn't follow the first step, click on Create a new Facebook Page. If the page you want to connect to isn't listed, make sure you are listed as an Admin of that page (find out how to do this here). 

Important: If you click "Don't  Connect to Facebook Now", you won't be able to add your Instagram business profile to Iconosquare. We connect to your Instagram business profile via Facebook, therefore your Instagram profile must be linked to a Facebook page in order for us to be able to locate it. More on how to do this here

Errors within the Instagram app
  • If you're unable to select the correct page because Instagram is showing an error message, this might mean that you're not an Admin of the Facebook page in Facebook Business Manager. In this case, please ask someone who is an Admin of the page in Business Manager to try step 6 above, ensuring they're logged into their own Facebook account on the mobile device which you're using. Or, you will need to be added as an Admin of the page in Business Manager, before trying to select the page again.
  • If you encounter an error message saying "You've reached the limit for the number of businesses you can create at this time", please go into the Facebook mobile app and convert your Instagram profile to a Business Profile from there instead: Menu → Pages → Click on your Page → Click on the Settings cog ⚙ → Click "Instagram"  then click "Convert to Business Profile". Keep clicking "Continue" until the process is finished.


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