How can I schedule posts for multiple social profiles at the same time?

It's now possible to schedule posts to multiple social profiles at the same time, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn 🤗!

This feature is available for users on the PRO, ADVANCED, and ENTERPRISE plans.

How does it work?

Simply head to the Scheduler page, and select the type of post you'd like to schedule and upload your media as usual (unless you're scheduling a text-only post).

After adding your caption, tags and geolocation if desired, select the date and time for posting, and then be sure to set the toggle Crosspost to Activated, as circled below, then click Next:


You'll then be able to select from a list of social profiles on your Iconosquare account as to which Instagram profiles, Facebook pages, Twitter profiles or LinkedIn pages you'd like to schedule the post to. You can filter between All, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook on the right-hand side.

Once you've selected the relevant social profiles, you can edit the caption by clicking on Edit caption next to the relevant social profile, allowing you to tailor the caption to each specific social profile.



When you're happy with your captions, click on Save caption.

Then simply click on Schedule to complete the process, and check for the "Congratulations!" message to confirm your post has been scheduled!




Don't forget, if you have the post-validation process activated on your Iconosquare account, you will need to validate the posts via the mobile app!




What happens if a delete/cancel a scheduled post which I scheduled to multiple different profiles?

If you wish to cancel a scheduled post from the Scheduler, you will be given the option of either canceling the scheduled post for the current social profile or from all social profiles where the post has been scheduled for.




I'm trying to schedule a Story, but it won't let me select my Facebook page as well as Instagram, why is this?

It's not currently possible to schedule Facebook stories via Iconosquare, therefore, when scheduling a Story, you will only be able to choose from your Instagram profiles. The same also applies if you're trying to schedule a link for Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn (Instagram profiles will not be available to select).


I'm trying to schedule a single image post via my Facebook page or Twitter profile scheduler, why is it not letting me cross-post to Instagram?

Due to the aspect ratio requirements for Instagram single-image posts, it's not possible to schedule a single image post to be posted to Instagram via your Facebook or Twitter scheduler. Instead, we advise scheduling image posts via the Scheduler of your Instagram profile on Iconosquare (as opposed to Facebook). This will allow you to crop the media as required, and then cross-post to Facebook and Twitter from there! 😄


Can I schedule posts to social profiles that are not on my Iconosquare account?

No, you will only be able to schedule posts to the social profiles which you have allocated to your Iconosquare subscription.