How can I remove the pop-up on the Scheduler?

Downloading the mobile app is a requirement in order to access the Scheduler. The reason for this is that certain posts cannot be scheduled for automatic publishing (such as Stories), and therefore we need to be able to send you a notification to your mobile divide at the time of posting so that you can complete the publishing process. This also allows us to alert you if, for any reason, your auto-posts cannot be published automatically.

In order to remove the pop-up asking you to download our iOS or Android app, you need to:

  • Download the latest version of the Iconosquare app (free with your subscription) from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store
  • Make sure that you have activated all the notifications for the Iconosquare app. Here is an Apple support link explaining how to do this on your iOS device: (Android phones will have different instructions depending on the make & model of the phone.)
  • Log in to your Iconosquare account from the mobile application



  • After you've activated all the notifications, click the little white refresh arrow at the bottom of the menu on the left-hand side of the app:


  • Reload your web page and the pop-up will be gone!

If you're still having issues with the pop-up refusing to disappear, please sign out of your Iconosquare account on the App and sign-in again. If you've got an iOS device, try killing the app and relaunching it, then hitting the refresh arrow again.**