How can I add events to the Social Media Calendar?

You can now add your own, personalized events and hashtag holidays to the Social Media Calendar! 📅

This means you can add your company-specific events and campaigns to the calendar, as well as any regional events not already included on the calendar!

How do I create a new event?

  • Head to the Scheduler on your Iconosquare account, and click on the calendar icon near the top right of the page.




  • Enter the title, start date, and end date for your event (the event can span across multiple days).
  • Add a hashtag too if you like, so you remember which hashtag to use when scheduling posts around this event!
  • Click "Create", and you're done!



How can I edit an event?

You can edit and delete both events you have created, and also pre-existing events on the calendar. 

Just click on the event name, then click either "Delete", or "Edit" to make any changes.




Why can't I see any events on my Scheduler calendar?

If you're not seeing any events, please check your filter options to make sure you have the "Show the Social Media Calendar" option selected! 👇



Are the events specific to each social profile?

No, any event you create will appear on the Scheduler calendar for all social profiles on your Iconosquare account.


Can other members of my Iconosquare team see the events I create?

Yes! Any events you create will be added to the Scheduler calendar of other members of your Iconosquare team.


Will the events I create recur on a yearly basis?

No, any events that you create will not automatically recur on a yearly basis. If you create an event for April 30th 2023, the event will only occur on that date, and not again in April 2024.