Everything to know about our plans

What plans does Iconosquare offer?

Iconosquare offers three main plans: Single, Teams, and Custom.

What are the differences between these plans?

The Single plan is designed for individuals managing their accounts independently with one user. The Teams plan is suitable for collaborative efforts with up to 10 users. The Custom plan is tailored for specialized needs, accommodating more than 10 users or 50 social profiles, with additional features like unlimited data retention.

How do I choose the right plan for my needs?

Determine the level of collaboration and the number of users and social profiles you require. If you're managing everything solo, the Single plan might be the best fit. For team-based management, consider the Teams plan. If you have specific or extensive requirements, explore the options available under the Custom plan.

How many social profiles can I add to my account?

Iconosquare now offers packages of 5 social profiles. Choose the plan that aligns with your needs, whether it's the Single, Teams, or Custom plan, and then select the appropriate number of social profiles based on your usage.

Can you provide more details about each plan?


  • Single Plan:

  • Ideal for individuals managing their accounts independently.
  • Includes 1 user and supports up to 10 social profiles (Single 5 and Single 10 options available).
  • Data retention of one year.
  • All features are available.
  • Teams Plan:

  • Suitable for collaborative work with up to 10 users.
  • Supports up to 50 social profiles.
  • Data retention of two years.
  • All features are available.
  • Users of the Teams 10 plan are assigned a personal dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM).
  • Custom Plan:

  • Tailored for specialized needs.
  • Recommended if you need more than 10 users or 50 social profiles.
  • Offers unlimited data retention.
  • Users of the Custom plan are assigned a personal dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM).

Are there any additional benefits with certain plans?

Yes, users of the Teams 10 plan receive personalized support from a dedicated Customer Success Manager to ensure smooth operations and optimization of platform usage.

How can I get started with Iconosquare?

Visit our website to explore the plans and features in more detail. Once you've selected the plan that suits your needs, simply sign up to get started with managing your social media effectively!

You'll find more details about our plans here.

NOTE: PRO, ADVANCED, OR ENTERPRISE plans are no longer available. If you're currently on any of these plans and wish to add profiles or users, you'll need to change your plan and opt for SINGLE, TEAMS, or CUSTOM.