A guide to our plans

If you're looking to subscribe to one of our plans but don't know which one is the most suitable for you, this article will hopefully help you understand what your best choice is. The plan to choose will depend on different factors so we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions we get when helping out our users choose their subscriptions 😉. 


How many social profiles are you interested in monitoring?

If you are a small business or professional marketer interested in monitoring between 1 and 4 social profiles, then the Pro plan is the right fit for you. Our Advanced plan will be ideal for marketing teams who need between 5 and 9 social profiles but if you manage 10 or more, we suggest checking out our Enterprise plan. 


What are the main differences between these three plans?

Whether you choose between the Pro, Advanced, or Enterprise plans, we are confident that you will get the best analytics in the industry. You can also schedule your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter Tweets and posts on all of them 🧘🏽‍♀️.


Our Pro plan is great for keeping an eye on small numbers of profiles and getting used to a new platform. You can organically monitor your Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok profiles as well as your Facebook and LinkedIn pages to get some very useful data on how these are performing. 


If you are already familiar with social media analytics and management platforms and need a bit more in-depth information and features, then the Advanced plan is a great choice. You will find some extra features such as Promoted post analytics for Instagram profiles, the ability to create your own dashboardsUnlimited team members, and Tags and Mentions analytics (to name a few). 


If you are interested in all of the capabilities of the Advanced plan but would also like a personalized Customer Success Program and Company branded PDF reports we recommend the Enterprise plan.


Remember, you can schedule your automatic reports with all plans 👯!!


Some features are only available for some social profile types but not for others. To have a better understanding of what features are available for each social profile type, check out our Plans and Pricing page


What are the benefits of monthly and yearly billing?

Monthly payments give you flexibility. If you are unsure of how long you'll need a social media analytics platform for, then this billing frequency is a good choice! 


Yearly payments offer you a great discount of up to 22% so if you are looking to save some bucks, paying yearly is the way to go.


Are there special prices for NGOs?

Yes! We are happy to offer a 50% discount to Non-Profits on the Pro and Advanced yearly plans. Please keep in mind that this discount only applies to yearly plans and not to monthly ones.


Can I pay quarterly or bi-annually?

We currently only offer the option to pay on a monthly or yearly basis. 


What currencies do you accept?

We are looking to offer a wider range of currencies to cater to our users around the world. For the moment, payment can be made in Euro (€), US Dollar ($), and Pound Sterling (£). The currency you will make your payment on will depend on where your billing address is located:

  • If your billing address is located in Europe, your currency will be in Euros.
  • If your billing address is located in the United Kingdom, then your currency will be Pounds Sterling.
  • If your billing address is located outside of any of the previous regions, you will make your payment in US Dollars.
I might need more social profiles, can I purchase them after I have subscribed?

Yes, you can 🎉. You can purchase as many social profile slots as you need in any of our plans. 


Can I buy features individually?

At this moment, accessing more features is only possible by upgrading. However, you can purchase additional Social profile slots, Team members, Competitors, Hashtags, and Feeds without the need to upgrade.


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Need more info? Have a look through our Subscription & Plan Information section or contact our friendly Sales team.