Why can't I see my full Instagram follower evolution history?

In this article, we explain why sometimes you can't see certain data about your followers during your selected dates. 

We take follower data from the Instagram API but, unfortunately, the API does not offer follower evolution history. For this reason, we are unable to show you data on the follower evolution of your Instagram profiles from before you added them to Iconosquare. We have, however, decided to show an estimation of the follower evolution for the 30 days prior to the Instagram profiles being added to the platform. 


For example, the Follower growth chart and the Average Engagement history chart will show estimated data for the 30 days prior to the profile being added and no data for the remaining period in the past (greyed out area). 



Some KPIs are calculated by using the follower data and therefore, we will be unable to show you data for:

  • Follower Evolution
  • Follower Evolution percentage
  • Average Engagement rate per post
  • Average Reach rate per post

Please keep in mind that any results we show on these KPIs from the period prior to the profile being added to the platform will not be 100% accurate but will have been calculated using the estimated data. 


What about the engagement data of my posts?

We will not be able to calculate the Engagement rate for all of your posts prior to the addition of the Instagram profile to the platform so you will see an empty KPI for this media. No worries though, it should update as you use the platform and we gather the necessary information to calculate this KPI 😁. 

If you are trying to sort your media out using the most and least engaging filter, we will only be able to show the media which we have data for. 


What happens if my profile disconnects?

If your profile is disconnected from the platform, we will not display any results on your KPIs for the period of time it was disconnected. This is because we need to gather this data live from the API and, as previously explained, we cannot retrieve historical data.

Similarly, you will not be able to see results on your charts for this time period.


Other things to note

You will not see Engagement Rate on the thumbnails of media for which we don't have Engagement rate data. 

The Engagement Rate on Reach rate KPI has been removed for media for which we don't have an Engagement rate on the media viewer. 

You will have partial or no data for your Best time to post chart under the Engagement section of the platform where the Engagement rate is needed. You can still use the chart based on likes in order to get a more accurate estimation of your best times to post.