New CONTENT section

There is a new section within the main menu in Iconosquare now - CONTENT.

This section allows you to easily access all of your posts and Stories (Instagram only) as well as your Albums.


Updates to the Media Viewer

When you hover over a thumbnail of a post you'll now see three icons:


  1. The 👁️ allows you to open the media viewer to see the post analytics, comments and now the Label/Albums section.
  2. The right hand button allows you to quickly add the item to an Album.
  3. The bottom 🏷️ icon allows you to add a label to the post for easy categorization.


Once the Media viewer is expanded, you'll notice a third tab along the top - Albums / Labels. Use this area to add your post to an album or give it a label.


Updates to Albums

There are now two ways to create an Album and organise your posts.

Remember - Albums are great for categorising posts and analyzing the performance of these posts. Perfect for reporting on the performance of your campaigns!


Manual Albums:

Filter your posts using various criteria like labels, hashtags, date range or type of post and then choose the specific posts you'd like to include within the Album.



Automatic Albums:

Similar to manual albums, filter your posts based on criteria like labels, hashtags, date range or type of post. Any posts fitting the criteria you've selected will be automatically added to the Album - easy!