Link previews on your Twitter and LinkedIn scheduled posts

In this article, we explain why we are sometimes unable to show a link preview for your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts. 


Using links on your Tweet captions

If you include a link in your Tweet caption, you should be able to see a link preview. Please note, if the link preview is blank, this means there is an issue with the metadata on the website that the link relates to, and we're unfortunately unable to provide a preview of the link. Please refer to this Twitter article for information on the meta tags you need to add to your website in order for that link to show a preview.

Using links on your scheduled LinkedIn posts

You can include links on your text posts and typically, we should be able to show you its preview. However, you might notice that your link preview is blank and this is due to an issue with the metadata on the website you are trying to link to. Unfortunately, we will not be able to show the preview until the metadata is sorted.


If you want to check your link before adding it to your post, you can use LinkedIn's tool called Post Inspector. We also found this really helpful article from Kinsta to better understand how to use the Post Inspector and how to fix your meta tags.