Iconosquare's AI-Powered Content Inspiration

Discover our new Content Inspiration feature powered by artificial intelligence on Iconosquare!

Feeling stuck on creating impactful content for social media? Worry no more! Our Content Inspiration feature leverages artificial intelligence to provide you with creative and engaging ideas that will captivate your audience.

Whether you're an influencer, a business, or a content creator, our AI tool will assist you in finding trending topics, popular hashtags, and winning content strategies. This enables you to maximize visibility, increase engagement, and boost your social media growth.

Stop wasting time searching for inspiration; let Iconosquare's AI guide you towards exceptional content! ✨🤖

How to generate an idea?

1. Select "Content Inspiration" from the menu.

To access this feature, click on the "Content Inspiration" icon on the left side of the screen.


If you're connected to a group, choose the social profile for which you want to generate an idea.

2. Describe your activity.

Step 2 involves describing your activity. If the generated content doesn't suit your needs, simply click "regenerate." You can also make manual corrections and adjustments by clicking on the text area. Then click "next."


3. Select your goal.

Next, select your goal. We offer several choices:

  • Make an announcement
  • Build a reputation
  • Engage your community
  • Surprise me

Make an announcement:


-> If you want to make an announcement (product launch, promotional campaign, joyful event), you can create an announcement. Use the text area to describe the subject. Note that you can have multiple topics for the same announcement.


Build a reputation:


-> Want to boost your reputation on this social network? Iconosquare helps you do this with AI, suggesting 6 concepts to achieve it (but you can also enter your own goals). Once you've chosen one or more concepts, click "generate ideas" and let Iconosquare propose publication ideas to build and boost your reputation.


Engage your community:


-> Looking to boost your community engagement? Let Iconosquare suggest publication ideas. Define one or more targets (suggested by Iconosquare's AI based on your context or defined by you) and click "Generate ideas."


Surprise me!


-> Want publication ideas without predefined goals? Iconosquare's AI can gather information from the selected social network, the general context, and suggest relevant content ideas! Let yourself be guided to try it out.


Idea Pools:

When you launch the idea generator, you'll have a choice of 5 different types of publications:

  • Photo post
  • Carousel post
  • Story post
  • Reel post
  • Text post


Under each of these ideas, you have various options:


Edit the idea: Change the title, type of publication, and description of the idea.


Like the idea: Mark this idea to easily find it later.


Transform the idea into a post: Move to the next step and schedule a publication based on this idea.


Add a tag: Organize your ideas using tags.


Delete the idea: If the suggested idea doesn't appeal to you or you've decided not to use it.