Everything you need to know about validating your automatic posts through the app

To improve the security of our platform and ensure we're keeping your account safe, we offer an optional validation process for auto-posting.

NB. You'll need to update to the latest versions of our mobile apps before you can validate your posts.

Reminder: This validation process is optional. If you don't want to receive these validation notifications, click here to find out how to deactivate them so that the auto-posting process is completely automated.

This flowchart will explain how to validate your posts depending on where you scheduled them from:




Once you've got the latest version of the app and you schedule a post through desktop, you'll be asked to validate your post via the mobile application.  You'll see this pop-up after successfully scheduling a media for auto-posting:




Here's how to validate your post on our mobile app.

  1. You'll receive a notification on your phone

  2. Click on the notification and it will take you to the Validate posts screen (which can also be found directly in the app under Publishing --> Validate posts).

  3. Here, you will find all posts which require validation. No matter which social profile you have selected within the app, posts for all social profiles will be displayed here.

  4. Click on each individual post, and select Allow auto-posting for this post and then Confirm



NOTE: If it says "No auto-posts to validate", please swipe down to refresh the page.

Here's a GIF to show the process!




To check your post has been validated and is going to be auto-posted, you can look out for the yellow lightning bolt on the scheduler calendar



Validated and set for auto-posting


If your post is still awaiting validation via the mobile app, it will appear with a grey lightning bolt instead, as seen below:


Not yet validated, must be validated

via mobile app in order to be auto-posted


Who will need to validate posts?

The option to have the post validation security step turned on or off is personal to each user on the team. However, the validation of posts will be shared throughout the team once there is a post that needs to be validated and has been created by a user who has this option turned on.

For example:

  • The Admin of the Iconosquare account has post validation turned ON and they schedule a post - all team members will receive a notification in order to validate it.
  • A Manager on the account has post-validation turned OFF and they schedule a post - there will be no notification to validate this post for anyone.
  • If the Admin updates the post which has been scheduled by the Manager who has post validation turned OFF, but the Admin has post validation turned ON, then a notification will be sent to the whole team to validate this post.