What's new with TikTok profiles on Iconosquare

What's new with my TikTok profiles?

A major feature has arrived: the ability to schedule TikTok videos 🤩.

Now you can schedule videos, add them to your media library, while benefiting from all the features of the scheduler: AI Captions as well as saved caption and hashtag lists.

How can I take advantage of these new features?

To take advantage of the new features on TikTok profiles (post scheduling, and soon new KPIs), you must re-authenticate your account. To do this, follow the information provided on the Iconosquare platform:


In the information window when you go to the "publishing" section of the menu for your TikTok profile. Click on "Re-authenticate" and follow the steps on your screen.


  • Through the information banner displayed at the top of your screen on your TikTok profile, when you close the previous information window. Click on "Click here" and follow the re-authentication steps on your screen.

Do I need to modify my TikTok account to take advantage of these new benefits?

No changes are required on your TikTok account. Only re-authentication is required to take advantage of these new benefits (post scheduling, new statistics).

Is there a risk of data loss (my history)?

No, there is no risk, the Iconosquare technical teams have thought of everything: your data history will be preserved after re-authentication.

Can I go back if I change my mind?

No, you won't be able to go back. But don't worry, you won't lose any service, you'll only gain from it.

Is there an impact on the price of my subscription?

No, the update is completely free if you have subscribed to one of our new plans. If you are still on one of our old plans, you will not be able to make this update. So study the update of your plan to take full advantage of the new features of Iconosquare. More informations here.