Quick guide to your Iconosquare platform - Trial

If you're looking for a tool to optimize your management and better understand the performance of your Facebook and LinkedIn pages as well as your Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter profiles, you've come to the right place 😉. This is a quick guide to get you started on where to find certain information and how to use some of our features to make the most out of your trial period. 


In this article:

How can I add my social profiles?

Where are my analytics?

Will I get all of my historical data?

Creating a custom dashboard.

Can I schedule posts for my social profiles?

Community management

The Listening section

Tell me more about your reporting feature!


How can I add my social profiles?

Please keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Facebook Pages - you will need to have an Admin or Editor role on the Facebook Page in order to be able to add it to Iconosquare. If you have a moderator role, we will not be able to add it, or if your role changes to moderator once it has already been added, we will not be able to gather your data. 
  • Instagram profiles - the Instagram API only allows monitoring of Business or Creator profiles. These will also have to be linked to a Facebook Page you have an Admin or Editor role of. 
  • Twitter profiles - it is necessary to have login access to the Twitter profile you would like to add. To add more than one, you will first need to log out from twitter.com from the profile you have already added and then add the new profile.
  • LinkedIn Page - you can only monitor LinkedIn pages you have an Admin role of and not LinkedIn profiles. 
  • TikTok profiles - it is necessary to have login access to the TikTok profile you would like to add. To add more than one, you will first need to log out from tiktok.com from the profile you have already added and then add the new profile.

Adding your social profiles is easy. You will get to choose what type of social profile you want to add to your trial at the very beginning after your sign-up process. 


If you have already added your first profiles to the platform and are already monitoring them but would like to add more, you can do so by clicking on the + sign to the right of the platform. 


You can also do so by heading to your profile on the lower left-hand corner and then clicking on Social profiles where you will see the full list of social profiles connected and active on your account. You can then click on the Add social profile(s) button. 



Can't find your social profile? Check out this article.


Where are my analytics?

You will find all the data pertaining directly to your social profiles in the Analytics section. 


Some examples of the information you may find in this section are:

  • Engagement rate and Engagement on Reach. 
  • Follower demographics. 
  • Best times to post charts.
  • Reach and Impressions. 
  • Profile visits and website clicks. 
  • Create your one-time and scheduled reports.
  • And much more... 

Keep in mind that there might be some differences between the analytics section for each different type of social profile. You can learn more about Facebook analytics here, Instagram here, Twitter here, LinkedIn here, and TikTok here. 


Will I get all of my historical data?

We work with different APIs for each social profile so you will find that while you will be able to see historical TikTok videos and their analytics, you will not get Stories and other data from before your Instagram profile was connected to the platform. To learn more about Instagram's historical data, click here. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok.


Creating a custom dashboard.

During your Trial, you can create dashboards for individual profiles as well as multiple ones. This allows you to have more control over the analytics you are most interested in while also being able to compare the performance between one social profile and another. 

Dashboards can be duplicated to copy the template of an already existing dashboard so you don't have to piece it together from scratch for other social profiles. You can share them amongst your team members so that they can monitor the same KPIs as you and you can edit each dashboard at any time. 

The Dashboard feature is available on our Advanced and Enterprise plans once your trial is finished. To learn more about how to create your dashboards, check out this article.


Can I schedule posts for my social profiles?

Yes! You can schedule posts for your Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and Instagram as well as Twitter profiles. Guess what... you can also create a post on one social profile and cross-post it to another! Talk about working smarter 😏. 

There are different limitations for each social profile so for a step-by-step guide on how to schedule on Instagram head here, Facebook here, Twitter here, and LinkedIn here.

You will need to download the app on your phone and log in in order to use the scheduler for all of these social profiles. This is because there are certain important reminders and notifications we need to be able to send you to ensure that your posts are published.

We are still working on our TikTok scheduler so keep an eye on that! 


Community management.

You no longer have to search for buried comments and mentions notifications or check each post to see if you missed one. Head over to our Conversations section and manage all of your comments from the Comments tab.


You can also export your comments from each individual post by selecting one and then clicking on the Comments tab in the top right corner of the media viewer. 


Running a giveaway or contest and need to pick a winner? We got you 😉 . Use our comment picker tool which you can also find in the media viewer by selecting the post you'd like to find a winner for, clicking on the Comments tab followed by the winner's cup icon, and finally inputting the criteria for your contest. Et voila! 


Please note that these features are only available for Instagram profiles and Facebook pages. 

The Listening section.

You will find features like the Competitor tracker, where you can monitor some of your competitor's data such as their posting habits, follower growth, likes and comments history, and more. Add Hashtags to check out their performance and a breakdown of the type and number of posts posted of each of them. You'll also find a comparison between your social profile and your Industry benchmark. Don't forget to check out your Feeds either. You will find the posts from your competitors, hashtags, mentions, and tags. 




Tell me more about your reporting feature!

We've made reporting easy for you. You can choose between a one-time Account, Dashboard, Hashtag, or Competitor report or schedule them to be automatically sent to your email daily, weekly, or monthly.

To get started, head over to the Reports section. You will then be able to create your report by clicking on New Report where you will be able to choose the type followed by the criteria of your choice. 



You can also download individual graphs and tables by clicking on the download icon at the top right corner of them if you are interested in creating your own reports.


Dashboards are available for Advanced and Enterprise plans but you can try them out during your Trial period.