How to use Analytics for a group of profiles

You can easily organize your social profiles into groups for more effective management:

  • Gather different social profiles (by country / region / theme / platform,...)
  • Facilitate navigation between all groups
  • Analyze the overall performance of these groups

    You can go here if you want to learn how to create a group.

How to access the group's statistics?


You can access the group's statistics by clicking on the icon representing your group in the navigation bar, to the right of the screen (represented by the initials of the group name or the avatar you have chosen) of the desired group. You will access the overview where you can see a statistics table for the group, followed by the details by social profile.

Capture d’écran 2023-08-14 à 14.23.39 (1).png

  • Note that if you hover your mouse over the trend arrows (green, gray, or red), you will see additional information, giving you more detail on the displayed value.
  • Also note that if the statistics are not available, you will see the value N/A displayed.

How to customize your group statistics?


You can choose the statistics you want to appear in the table by clicking on the Table Settings tab.

You just need to check / uncheck the boxes of the target statistics.


Capture d’écran 2023-08-14 à 14.36.49.png


Once you have selected the statistics, you can put them in the order you want by dragging the handle (6 dots) that appears when hovering over the column header.


Image 14-08-2023 à 15.07.jpg


Is it possible to export statistics tables?


You can export your tables to CSV format by clicking on the blue icon next to the table settings.


Image 14-08-2023 à 14.57 (1).jpg