Help! I keep having to re-authenticate my social profiles

Why is this happening?

If you are constantly being asked to re-authenticate your social profiles on Iconosquare, this is almost certainly due to your Admin/Editor rights for those different social profiles being under separate Facebook profiles.


For example, you may have two social profiles on your Iconosquare account. Your Admin/Editor rights for both of these social profiles must be through the same Facebook profile (by Facebook profile, we're referring to your personal profile eg. John Smith).


If you are an Admin of social profile A through the Facebook profile "John Smith", and are Admin of social profile B under the Facebook profile "Jane Smith", you will not be able to keep both social profiles A + B authenticated, as you can only have one Facebook profile (eg. Jane Smith) linked to one Iconosquare login. This also means that only one person can use the same Iconosquare login. You will need to ensure that you are made an Admin/Editor of all social profiles under one single Facebook profile.

What if I can't be Admin/Editor of all of my social profiles under one Facebook profile?

If for any reason your Admin/Editor roles for different Facebook pages are via more than one Facebook profile, we recommend adding a Manager to your Iconosquare account in order to allow them to connect the other Facebook profile to your Iconosquare account. For example, if you as the Admin on your Iconosquare account are connected with John Smith's Facebook profile, you would need to connect Jane Smith's Facebook profile by adding Jane Smith as a Manager of your Iconosquare account, so that Jane can then connect her Facebook profile to the shared Iconosquare account.

How can I invite a Manager to my Iconosquare account?

Please follow the steps here in order to invite a user to your Iconosquare account, and be sure to select the role of "Manager" when adding the user.


What if I don't have any spare user slots?

If you need to add another Manager to your Iconosquare account (in order for that user to then link their Facebook profile to Iconosquare so that they can re-authenticate any social profiles which they are Admin of via their Facebook profile), please follow the steps here.