FAQ about mobile subscription

Do I have access to the same features between the web and mobile versions of Iconosquare?

Yes, whether you subscribe from the Iconosquare website or from the mobile version, you have access to all the features of your plan. This plan gives you access to both the website and the mobile application.

Is it possible to subscribe via iOS?

Yes, you can subscribe to one of our three plans PRO, ADVANCED and ENTERPRISE from your iPhone, with your AppleID and the associated payment methods.

Is it possible to subscribe via Android?

No. However, we are planning to add the ability to subscribe to a plan from an Android phone in the near future.

Can I subscribe to add-ons (additional social profiles, hashtags, competitors, etc.) from my mobile subscription?

No, this is not currently possible. Please contact us you would like to add options to your plan.

Why are the prices different from those displayed on your site?

We strive to offer the same prices between our web and mobile subscriptions. However, regional differences may apply depending on Apple Store policies.

Can I purchase an annual subscription via mobile?

No, this is not currently possible, we only offer the purchase of monthly plans.

How do I renew my monthly subscription on mobile?

You can renew your monthly subscription by going to Settings > Subscription, then clicking on "Change your subscription". Select your plan (represented by "Your current plan") and then click the "Extend the plan (+30 days)" button.

Your current plan will be extended by 30 days, whether you performed the operation before or after the plan expires.

Settings > Subscription: "Change or extend your plan" "Your current plan"

Can I change my plan on mobile?

If you want to upgrade your plan, it is possible. Select the new plan, proceed to the purchase, and that's it!

You will have immediate access to the features of your new plan, and you will receive a pro-rata refund based on the remaining period on your old plan.

Downgrading to a lower plan is not currently possible. Please contact us so that we can do this with you.

How do I cancel my mobile plan?

Our mobile plans only last for 30 days. They are not automatically renewed. Therefore, when the plan expires, it will automatically be terminated and you will not have to do anything. You can then subscribe again if you wish.

Can I take out a mobile subscription if I have or have had a subscription via the website?

No, this is not possible.

Can I take out a subscription on the website if I have or have had a mobile subscription ?

Yes, it is possible to take out a subscription via our website after having a mobile subscription.

If your mobile plan has expired, log in to Iconosquare, go to Settings > "Subscription & invoices” then click on "Change your plan" and select the plan you want.

If your mobile plan has not expired but you still want to subscribe to a web plan, please contact us.