Updated information for Instagram Scheduling Error 1

We are aware that some users, and specifically for only certain accounts, are constantly experiencing ERROR CODE 1 when attempting to schedule for auto-posting. This is an Instagram error (not an Iconosquare one). While we have not received any confirmation, or fix, from Instagram we believe this is a rate-limiting issue. 

It is completely normal that you might only have 1 account, out of several experiencing the issue.


Here is a work-around that has worked for many accounts so far (we believe this is happening due to advanced scheduling ahead of the holiday season.):

1.) If you receive ERROR CODE 1, please immediately STOP scheduling. 

2.) Wait for 1 hr, and then continue to schedule your posts again. 

3.) If you receive the error again, please STOP immediately and wait for 2 hrs. 

4.) Spread the number of posts you are scheduling per hour, out over several hours throughout the day. 


Rate limiting happens because you could have 5 posts scheduled per day, and be scheduling several days in advance over the holiday break. Each time you schedule a post, this counts as 1 server request we must make to Instagram. Then, once that post is meant to go live, we send another request (2 requests in total). So if you are scheduling many posts per day and have many posts already scheduled, this is what we believe is causing the issue. 

It is also best to check which other services could be contributing to your hourly profile limit. Please follow these steps:

  • Open the Instagram app for the profile(s) having the issue
  • Click the 3 little lines, top right

IT IS NORMAL TO NOT SEE ICONOSQUARE. (As we connect through Facebook's Single-Sign on feature, which connects through your Facebook Business Page to gain access to the Instagram account.) 

If you're receiving any other error code, please refer to the list of other error codes here.