Product Update: January 2021

Welcome to 2021! We are really excited to kick off the new year with some great new features and updates to Iconosquare 💪


🐦 Twitter Scheduling
As you’ve probably seen by now, Twitter scheduling is finally available in Iconosquare! This means you can schedule for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter from within the same platform - and even cross-post your content to all these channels and multiple profiles at once! Time. Saver. 

If you haven’t connected your Twitter account to Iconosquare yet, do so now! 


🖼️ Scheduler Updates: Draft posts in advance without content & improvements to video thumbnail UX

We made a couple of tweaks to scheduling to help improve planning so you can set things up in advance!
Now you’re able to create placeholder posts without the media if it’s not quite ready yet. We also streamlined the process for selecting the thumbnails of your videos so you have more control over what displays.


📜 Multi-profile custom dashboards

For users on our Advanced and Entreprise plans, now you can create one dashboard with metrics and insights from multiple profiles and social networks. This makes it much easier to understand performance of a brand or a group of profiles. You can share and set up these dashboards as a regular report also!