How to create and use Saved Captions and Hashtag Lists

Access Saved Captions and Hashtag Lists under Publishing ➡️  Saved captions and lists.

From here, you can pre-write captions for your posts ahead of time, saving time during the scheduling process! You'll be able to insert your saved caption into your post within the Scheduler.

You can also set up hashtag lists, perfect if you have sets of hashtags that you like to use on your Instagram posts on a regular basis. Set them up here, and avoid having to type them out repeatedly each time you schedule a post! You can also insert the hashtag list when scheduling your first comment 😍.

  • Choose whether you want to create a caption or hashtag list
  • Add a title so that it's easy to find
  • Type your caption/hashtags, then hit save!

When scheduling a post, you'll see the "Saved Captions" and "Hashtag Lists" options within the caption field, and the first comment field. Click on these links to access the captions and hashtag lists you've already set up, then click on the caption/hashtag list to add it to your caption or first comment - it's as easy as that!