Auto-posting security: everything you need to know about our post validation process

As a security measure on Iconosquare, we offer an optional validation process for auto-posts scheduled via the desktop site. Check out this article for more information on the in-app validation process. 

When you unlock-auto-posting for the first time, you will be able to opt in or out of this validation process.

If you opt in to the process, any time you schedule an auto-post via the desktop site, you will see the warning message below, and you will then be required to validate the post via the iOS or Android app:


If you opt out of the process, you will not be required to validate your auto-posts, and they will be published completely automatically.

Please note, you can also change your post validation preferences at any time, under the Platform settings, by clicking "Yes" or "No" under "Validate automatic publishing via mobile application", and don't forget to click save!



Important: if you turn the validation process off, changes will only apply to any auto-posts scheduled AFTER the change. Any posts scheduled prior to this will still require validation via the mobile app.


Please note, if, for any reason, an unauthorized person gains access to your Iconosquare account without your permission, if you have switched off the validation process, that person would be able to auto-post to your social media profiles (and you would not receive a notification via the Iconosquare mobile app asking you to validate the post beforehand).