Manually updating your Facebook/IG connection

Sometimes we are unable to provide certain functions because either you linked a social profile to Iconosquare after you agreed to the original permissions, or you did not allow all the permissions needed to unlock these features. Or you are unable to find a social profile to add to Iconosquare while you are an admin of this social profile. Please follow these steps to break the connection and re-sync these permissions.

**This step must be completed by an Admin or Editor of the FB business Page associated with the IG Business Profile. If you are not sure, please follow this article to ensure you are an Admin or Editor first.**

STEP 1. Remove Iconosquare's permissions from Facebook

  • Log into the Facebook profile connected to your Iconosquare account.
  • Then, click on this link to access your Facebook Business Integrations (
  • Or go to Settings & privacy > Settings > Security & login > Business Integrations
  • Find Iconosquare, tick the checkbox next to it, and click "Remove":


  • You will then need to confirm this - but do not click on the checkbox asking if you wish to "delete all posts, photos and videos", as shown below:



(Don't worry about the message that says 'This may delete your Iconosquare account and activity'. This is an automated message from Facebook, your account will NOT be deleted, and this process will NOT have any effect on your stats. This is simply to refresh the permissions we have for your account.)

STEP 2. Re-authorize Iconosquare's permissions

  • Go to the Social profiles section on Iconosquare, click on the Data Access tab (or click this link to access the tab directly), and then click on the "Refresh access" blue button.​​
  • This will redirect you to Facebook, where you will need to give Iconosquare permissions through Facebook. These permissions will unlock Iconosquare features.
  • Make sure that all of the permissions are selected for all your social profiles.
  • Once you've done that, you'll be redirected back to Iconosquare, and now all permissions are granted. You can now try to add your social profiles again.


NOTE: This will NOT have any effect on your stats. This simply refreshes the permissions linked to your Iconosquare account.